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I've been where you are. I am well aware of how hard it can be, and how confusing a path out of obesity can seem. seemingly Every Fit-fluencer and supplement company out there is feeding you conflicting advice, scare tactics, and "science".

It's enough to send you on a wild goose chace, jumping from one ineffective program/supplement to another. it may even leave you thinking you are the problem...

Rest assured, you are not the problem! The problem is misinformation and a general lack of ethics in the industry. You see, it's much harder to sell people programs/pills if they know the answer to their problem is simple. thus, the flood of complexity and confusion that abounds in the health/fitness space.

Perhaps I'm forgoing a windfall of cash here, but the basis of my company is to show you just how simple, intuitive, and sustainable the path to from obesity to rock hard abs can be.

the tools that I teach are built entirely on sustainability. This is not a crash diet that causes you to rebound to an even higher weight in the end. This is not testimony that the only way to be lean is to never look at a baked-good for the rest of your life.

my principles not only help you carve up your midsection in a fast, effective, and healthy manner. they are also flexible enough to guide you through any stage of life.

The video you just viewed is only a snapshot of dramatic positive changes that i have experienced since achieving and maintaining my own successful fitness transformation.

it is for this reason that, at my company, i refer to your "abs" as both your "abdominals" and also your "absolute best self". It is my true beleif that embarking on the journey for the former in the right way almost always results in also achieving the latter.

Some Ancillary benefits from seeing my abs:
1) I started dating girls (like hot ones too, haha)
2) My confidence grew and made way for incredible opportunities
3) I dramatically improved my self-worth

Like most of my clients, my only regret is not finding this straight-forward path to my best (lean) self sooner. however, the years i lost chasing my tail, trying to get fit aren't in vain. They ultimately led me to the program that freed me, and that allows me to shave years off of your journey to the same.

I look forward to working with you inside the program and seeing your growth and transformation eclipse mine. if you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to DM me on instagram @absforallcom.

Real Exlinemen. Real Transformations.

“I can’t thank you enough. The results I have achieved with your program have sent my confidence through the roof. For once, I actually feel good about taking my shirt off in public.”

- Brian F. (defensive Lineman)

“Dan, you are the man! Thanks for putting your expert knowledge out there in such an easy to follow format. After beginning the program, the fat just started melting off. You were right, I did have abs under there, haha!” 

- Chris L. (Defensive Lineman)

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